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Reflection Questions task 3

On-line professional communities are a great idea, however, the medium used to use them is key. As far as the tools you suggested we use I have a number of dilemmas and have not signed up to them. Each year students ask if I have facebook, then go searching for me (and my colleagues) at school events myself and other teacher have had photos taken and added to facebook there and then, without permission and god know what comments/ responses have been made. As a history teacher I teach my students about great evils in this world but also about hope and resistance and those who make this a better place for all. I fail to see how the narcissistic/hubritic nature of facebook and twitter can improve us as people. I had facebook when it first came out in 2005/6 – it was great to keep up with my backpacking buddies but beyond that I am not interested in the inane ramblings of everyone on this planet (oh the irony). As for twitter, the so called great uses of it in revealing news straight away – we saw it during the Arab Spring – but what are the agendas of people in what they are saying? Should I trust anyone’s account of an event or wait for someone more qualified? So if you want to use these things fine but I have a personal objection and will not be signing up to them for this task – a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Reflections on unit 2

I currently store info/resources a number of ways. On my desktop I keep folders that are quite well organised for the different units etc I teach. We also have school drives for certain info. Resources I put on SharePoint so that other teachers and also students can access them it seems to work quite well. However I can see that using a tool like diigo will enable me to bookmark websites that i like the students to look at/ use so this will be very useful. I may use evernote for more personal things.

Students need to have  organisation/workflow strategies as they have so many tasks (school/leisure/friendship etc) happening at once and need a balance, perhaps one of these systems would work for them to.

I think the internet has made us less organised we can just search something when we want it, but there is so much information we can easily forget where it came from (although it is usually only a google away). I thing these online organisation systems will be good to help deal with this.

here’s my evernote post:


my favourite subject

At uni i studied a subject called ‘Turning Points in World History’, I wish I could fit this into the curriculum somehow

1st post

I’m Johnny Mundell and I have been teaching for 6 and a bit years. I must admit that I am a bit of a tehnophobe and probably would like to join some latter day luddite group but we can all change (given that my brother is a computer programmer it is almost ironic).

My current PLN mainly revolves around two areas: collegues and professional reading; however, obviously staff meetings and PD have a role. I would like to follow more blogs ( i read the occasional historians blog) so this may be the start.

I hate being forced to state goals so I am not going to – I prefer to see where things take me and make decisions based on what’s in front of me rather than some pie in the sky notion of where i ‘should’ be.